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A few years ago at a beading party, before I started taking pictures for my blog, one lady made a necklace using birthstones of each of her family. I thought that was rather nice.

However, this custom necklace design I came across in Lori Fowler's blog is just perfect for a mother. The round sterling silver discs are stamped with the names of children. The cleverest touch is that the discs vary in size, allowing additional discs to be added when new offspring arrive. The heart symbolises a mother's love for her children. You can also check out the design in Lori's Etsy store .

I am not surprised that Lori has been rushed off her feet with the run-up to Mother's Day. She told me, "This product has been a hot item for me. It seems like every mother wants one for herself. " No wonder. It is a simple but effective design guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings.

Picture with kind permission from Lori. She comes from Hartlan, WI, USA and is off to a roaring start with her jewelry business.

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