While writing this blog, I've come across so many fascinating things I wanted to share but couldn't because they didn't fit here. So I have become a contributor on Trendhunter.com - the largest online magazine searching for the elusive cool - the next big thing. As the Chief Trendhunter, founder and fellow Canadian, Jeremy Gutsche explains "Trend spotting (a.k.a. trend watching) is the science of identifying emerging shifts in our social behavior and aspirations. It is the search for what’s NOT popular – yet."

Even if you aren't into "COOL", you will nonetheless enjoy reading about unusual and fascinating things on my current portfolio, http://www.trendhunter.com/pearl. A few are about unusual jewelry that have made it or will do in my blog, but the majority are cool finds by moi.

Some are inventions which may yet make appearances in our homes in the future - like the patented Hi Tech panties which monitors your blood pressure or the mood sensitive pen. Some are imaginative recycled products like totes made from orange construction fencing or futuristic clothing items like the Embrace Me hoodies which light up when two people hug each other. Other articles include handcrafted items like the fun felt animal trophies (Feltidermy) and the clever bookshelves made from old books which will make you smile. But one of my favourites is the PMS Uterus Voodoo doll - you can stick pins in the anatomically correct felt creation when you need to show your body who's really boss.

So please do check it out and visit often. I know you will enjoy it.
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