Book Review

Blogs are short for weblogs which means they are a journal form of websites. They are much more dynamic than static websites because they can engage readers and are also updated much more often.

There is one more advantage when you write about visually appealing art forms like jewelry and crafts because pictures are worth a thousand words. Every one enjoys the eye candy!

Artful Blogging is a quarterly publication by Stampington and Co. that was launched in 2007 which showcases the most inspiring arts and crafts blogs. The visually stunning pages shown in their sample pages sure set the mark high for those of us dabbling with blogging. The Guardian (UK) also reviewed the publication.

If you are sufficiently moved to consider starting your own blog, I recommend you check out my previous post "6 Questions to Really Ask Before You Start Your Own (Craft) Blog". Another great article if you are pondering on making the switch is Problogger's "Should I Change My Website Into A Blog?"

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