If you haven't got any cube beads in your bead collection, do get them! And when you do, get them big! They are great for all sorts of jewelry designs. Mildred's blue Czech cube beads coupled with fluted silver metal beads give that art deco look to what are simple dangles.

Betty on the other hand chose cube beads that have been drilled on the diagonal. These beads made her dangles look like they are dancing. Betty made this pair specifically to match a bracelet she did before. Rather than art deco, these remind me of Picasso and abstract art.

Now if you put a whole bunch of these dancing cubes together with some millefiore and lampwork beads, you get Libby's bracelet! The cube beads make this bracelet unique and quite different from if she had used ordinary round beads. Blue was a hit at this seniors' beading party proving this colour has enduring and cross-generational appeal.

Beader Designs # : 377-379
The Beading Gem's Journal