There are all kinds of earring findings but I've noticed that many women like contemporary styles i.e. those that are bold yet simple. Definitely with no scrolls and other ornate touches. So it was with Sevinch who attended her first beading party. She loved the look of these earring frames just as they are. So we hung them on ear wires and her earrings were done!

However, if you're the sort who likes to fill in holes as I do, then adding dangles with a faceted round crystal that just fits also works as you can see from my design below.

Dangles do move so if you'd like the focal bead to stay put, then use some fine wire (30G sterling silver) as I did to keep these glass pearls still.

Some findings though just beg for a wiring frenzy with a whole bunch of crystals! If you've never done any wire work before, using earring findings as the foundations is a good way to start.

Beader Designs # : 410-413
The Beading Gem's Journal