Shiny copper and brass are great for jewelry designs but you can also design some awesome earrings with vintage brass and copper. The mellow hues give the jewelry a yesteryear elegance. Debbie (Widgets' Beads) and I also like vintage because they won't tarnish unlike shiny copper and brass because they are already antiqued!

Shown here are 5 earrings which featured different beads and even a mix of metals to enhance the designs. First off is Debbie's design. She led this group of beginner beaders. Debbie layered her vintage copper earrings with floral mother of pearl beads with two different leaves in both copper and brass.

Below is Darlene's gorgeous vintage brass design. Notice how she used silver-toned wrapped beads which are bracketed by the vintage brass dangles above and below. This was a great way to mix two metals successfully.

Laurie made the next two designs. For the first one, she picked azurite as her focals. The lovely rich blue-green of the gemstone went so well with the vintage brass and dark bronze glass beads used.

For her vintage copper oval hoop earrings, Laurie used clear cathedral beads which gave her design an even more antique look. She chose to keep the dangles short. As you can see from the next design, the length of the dangles within the hoops is a matter of preference. Either way is fine. As I often say to beaders, "If it looks good to you, go for it!"

Ludivine's very first earring designs were these vintage copper ones. A double dangle featuring some lovely beads from Debbie's collection made these one of a kind earrings!

Beader Designs #: 428-432
The Beading Gem's Journal
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