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Mana Bernandes is a Brazilian eco jewelry designer who shows us visually stunning jewelry can be made by using recycled materials. Like I said before, it's not what you use but how you use it that really distinguishes inspirational designs.

She is part of the design collective called TOUCH which is all about "creating hand-made products, rather than mass produced." Hear, hear. The group also says, "Our goal is not only to make products that are beautiful, but good for the environment and those who make them." This gold and black necklace is just gorgeous, reminiscent of Egyptian collars and it was cleverly made from bobby pins!

Tons of used phone cards must get tossed everyday and yet, in this designer's hands, they make colourful "beads" in an illusion style necklace. A great way to reduce landfill waste!

Where Bernandes really stands out in terms of creativity is in her recycled PET jewelry (below) made from beverage and water containers. If I didn't tell you what they were made of, I bet you wouldn't have guessed. She cut up small pieces and built up her clever designs from them. There are Swarovski crystals somewhere but I can't see them. She used long bamboo toothpicks and pearls for her earring design.


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