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Freshwater coin pearls exude class. Debbie and I are just suckers for these gemstones even though they are pricier than regular pearls. So if you haven't got them in your inventory, you've got to buy them.

The natural coloured coins are the most versatile as you can see from Johnette's elegant earrings. She added round filigree beads top and bottom and a purple crystal dangle all from Debbie's (Widget's Beads) collection.

Johnette has been waiting for YEARS for workshops such as ours and was so pleased she could make it for the first time. We were glad to meet her too as we enjoy seeing the delight when first time beaders realise they too can make pretty jewelry.

You do know that we are on a mission to convert as many people as possible to bead addiction?

Beader Design #:418
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  1. Ah, yes freshwater pearls and coins to boot! Some of my favorite beads to use. You don't have to work hard to get me addicted. Been there, done that one for you.

  2. Yeah, I love pearl and have some coin pearls in the box somewhere. Just haven't got the time to play with them :)

  3. Sistren Pearl,

    My name is Lady Roots and I am a bead addict. (Farcical recreation of self-introduction at 12 step meetings.)

    I will freely admit to this addiction, as long as I'm not expected to seek a cure.

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  4. You're in good company here, Lady Roots. We are all beadaholics and quite happy to remain so.


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