I've been meaning to tell everyone about the Beadsisterhood but kept putting it off as we are still not ready with a good web presence. Perhaps it is best just to start off with a little something about us this time - who we are and how it all began.

The Beadsisterhood is a group of five local artisans - Cindy, Susan, Bonnie, Tami and myself (Tami is missing from the picture) - all from different walks of life but sharing a common passion, jewelry making. How we met is really an example of networking and finding opportunities.

I met Susan first when she attended our workshops along with her friend. She has a wonderful flair for bracelet designs and soon progressed to selling her work at her esthetician's salon. Cindy and I "met" of all places on a US-based jewelry forum which is hilarious, considering we live in the same area. Through her I met her sisters Millie and Tami. Search my blog and you'll come up with many of their gorgeous designs. Whilst Susan and I aren't related with the others, we are all "sisters in beading".

The friendship grew stronger when we came up with the idea of the Beadsisterhood, hashed out over some pretty raucous brunches at a local Smitty's Family Restaurant which kept us going with cups of tea and coffee and let's be honest, desserts. We were all agreed there is something to be said about the adage, strength in numbers.

Along with my pal Debbie (Widget's Beads) who prefers to concentrate on teaching and a few others, we formed a supply buying group which allows us to get the best prices so that our jewelry will be competitive. If you are interested in forming a buying group of your own wherever you are, check out my basic tips here.

The Beadsisterhood also allows us to sell jewelry as a group. We all share in the process, each of us bringing something to the group. The biggest difficulty with craft fair showings is the costly table fees at some of the larger shows. It's a trade off - large fees and high traffic or low fees and lower traffic. So sharing table fees as a group makes it possible to aim for big shows. Our individual styles differ from each other and that's what makes our jewelry stand out. At our first ever show, The Women's Fair earlier this year (pictures), our jewelry attracted women in droves for collectively, there was literally something for everyone, in style, colour, and price.

So if you're local and ready to do some serious Christmas shopping at one of the largest shows in town, then come check us out at Halifax's Christmas at the Forum being held this weekend from November 7-9!

Stay tuned for more from the Beadsisterhood!

The Beading Gem's Journal