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The last time I looked, there were more than 145,000 jewelry items being offered for sale on Etsy! So in order to stand above the crowd, the artisan has to offer not just stellar designs but something few people are offering. That's right - I am talking about niches. One Etsian who does occupy one is Los Angeles based Miss Lilith, who reads and comments on this blog - which is how I knew about her.

What she does is design clip-on earrings. There are surprisingly quite a number of women who for a variety of reasons don't have pierced ears but who still want to wear earrings. Lilith said in an email to me, "What's great about clip-on earrings is they are not just for non-pierced ears. Women with pierced ears will enjoy giving relief to those holes, and wearing earrings that are fun and light."

Lilith uses freshwater pearls and other gemstones besides glass. She threads them onto the earring findings in round as well as elongated styles. I especially like the jade ones above on gold-plated clip-ons.

Although she started designing them years ago, it was only recently that it occurred to her women might like the "retro-cool" look after her own daughter used them when she needed a break from heavy earrings. Her designs do have vintage character. I remember rummaging through my mother's costume jewelry box as a young girl and coming across cluster earring clip-ons like these below. They bring back fond memories!

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