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Have you ever bought beads and found the strands just perfect as they are? I did once when I bought a mixed strand of amethyst, green aventurine, rose quartz and clear quartz chips. I loved the combination of colours and just restrung the chips.

Chris who adores pearls also loved the diagonally drilled pink pearls from my gemstone collection just as they were. She transferred them from their temporary string onto beading wire following the same order of pearls. She saved some for her earrings which looked especially fun and funky. This necklace will look beautiful against her favourite black outfits.

Beader Design #:456
The Beading Gem's Journal

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  1. Very pretty! Sometimes the stones (or pearls or crystals) are enough.

  2. I've spent time trying to think of how to "improve" a string that really didn't need anything. Pearls are usually such beads.
    Sometimes the additions are just to cut down on the total cost of a piece but usually to add to the design.
    Love the earrings.


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