Here is a chain maille pendant necklace I made recently using bronze and bright aluminium. It was a special gift to Debbie, my long time best friend and co-instructor at the beading workshops. Debbie is so lucky. Copper looks great on her but she fell for the charms of bronze as I did.

The Japanese style chain maille pendant is easy to do but it took a while to finish it. One tip is to always double the rings which gives pendants a firmer structure.

Need a book recommendation? My absolute favourite chain maille jewelry book is this one by Terry Taylor and Dylon Whyte - Chain Mail Jewelry: Contemporary Designs from Classic Techniques. The book has a number of excellent jewelry projects. One of the authors has just published another chain maille book with an emphasis on bead embellishments - Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry: Timeless Techniques with a Twist (Lark Jewelry Book). I don't have the new book but judging by the preview pages on Amazon, the original book seems a better bet.

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