Bead parties are popular as they are both fun and creative. Beaders are in the company of friends and working together in a social environment makes the time fly plus they get great design tips from each other.
The Greater Toronto area Beading Buds is a travelling bead party business whose specialty happens to be children's beading parties. This is a wonderful service as so many mothers are at a quandary looking for something different in the birthday party line for the tween crowd who have probably done all the usual pool parties, sleepovers and so on over and over again.

Creating pretty jewelry is an activity which most young girls love to do - after all, the love of bling starts young. Beading Buds also lists several developmental benefits when youngsters bead including hand to eye coordination, fine motor skills and even planning and math skills.

Beading Buds was founded by a husband and wife team, Esther and Chris. Esther has been beading for years. This next bit is all too familiar with Debbie, my co-instructor who often justifies her bead purchases with "But honey, it is for the business!" Chris suggested Esther should start selling her work because all that bead buying was going to bankrupt them! So Esther began selling at craft shows. Then one day, someone asked her to do a children's party and their beading party business was born. Things got so busy Esther was still booking parties when she was in hospital after giving birth to their daughter!

I fully agree with what Esther said, "Beading is a rewarding experience and we thoroughly enjoy sharing our experience with anyone willing to learn!" Check out the latest news on their blog.

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