I checked this online dictionary for the meaning of the word "eclectic". One of the definitions reads : "not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems". The best elements. That's what Shelley did. She selected some of the best beads from my collection to create this eclectic necklace.

Gorgeous beads such as foil beads, several lamp work beads, pretty glass chips and crackle beads were all used for this special nursing necklace. Shelley had just become a mother for the second time. She brought along her 2 week old baby girl who was the youngest bead party attendee ever! Shelley wanted a colourful adornment to wear when feeding so the baby could focus on something bright.

When the baby is a bit older, Shelley may wish to check out the safe chewable jewelry I wrote about for mothers to wear. The collection was designed by a dentist so teething babies can chomp down on soft jewelry without harming their teeth buds. There is also much concern about children ingesting lead from unsafe jewelry making components. That same blog post covers information on this safety issue.

You might also like to see what a nursing bracelet is in this past post. It was created by a new father-to-be at a beading workshop as a gift to his wife! The bracelet helps a breastfeeding mother remember when she last fed the baby and from which side - a useful aid when the brain is addled from lack of sleep.

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