Barbara bought the most charming owl pendants as gifts to young girls. She decided to make bare wire necklaces with some carefully chosen glass and pewter gifts to compliment the owls. I think it's better NOT to make similar designs. It might seem like a good idea to be fair by presenting identical gifts to children but it is far better to show them one appreciates their individual differences. Barbara must have known which girl would appreciate each design.

The choice of owls is inspired. Through the centuries, owls have been symbolic of many things. But the most enduring one is owls represent wisdom. In Ancient Greece, the Athenians issued owl coins, one of the first widely used international coinage. The "owls" had the bird on one side and the helmeted head of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and heroic endeavour, on the other. She was associated with owls so the wisdom part rubbed off on these birds.

Perhaps Barbara wishes her gift recipients wisdom to do well in school with these owl pendant necklaces!

Beader Design #: 491-492

Wikipedia : Owl
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