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Spring Cleaning My Blog!

I am in denial. This morning, snowflakes were spotted outside. I thought winter was over? Well, I for one have moved on even if Mother Nature hasn't quite decided. I spent the day spring cleaning my blog.

I've gone from a colorful blog to a minimalist design. There is still a hot color to catch your attention but overall, it is a cleaner look. I've also swept out all the clutter - a long overdue task. It will definitely make for easier reading and faster page loading.

It's not quite the final look as I'm still tweaking things but I like it. Hope you do too. (Subscribers : please click on post title to return to the blog)
The Beading Gem's Journal

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  1. Okay, I'm not good with change and I'm not good with surprises. I just happen to be wearing the green your blog was (what a coincidence) that made me so happy!
    I'll get used to it Pearl, I will. Just do me one favor, please? Don't go dark with light print! It can be dramatic and pretty - but I find that hard to read. Deal?

  2. Like your new layout Pearl and I like Ourblogtemplates's templates too. Mine is 4 columns - "Kiasu"...hehe!
    And yes white is easier on the eyes.

  3. No problem, Bette Jo! I know white writing on black is hard to read for many people including me! I like black but not in that way.

    The impetus for change was because some people were finding my blog took a long time to load so I had to declutter.

    Secondly, I had been working on our Bead Sisterhood blog template ( It looked so good that I had to do something about mine. That particular template idea came from Capitola Girl's blog.

  4. I think the new look is fantastic! I still liked the old look but fresh and new is always good! Ah, I love spring.

  5. Yes, I too like the new look. I had some problems with the load time of your old one. Always worth the wait however.

  6. I do like the new look but find the white a little stark. A light color, perhaps a cream would make it feel so much warmer


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