Remember when I introduced The Bead Sisterhood? This is a group of local jewelry artisans who got together to sell their jewelry. There is Tamara, Cindy, Millie, Susan and I. The first three are actually sisters but we are all sisters in beading. Translation : we have serious bead and jewelry making addictions in common.

Over the past year, we've slowly worked out how to share the work of promoting and running our collective businesses. Besides sharing craft show tables, we have also divided many aspects of a jewelry business according to our individual strengths.

Susan is our PR person who handles our emails and advertising. She is so good at this someone actually bought one of her gorgeous bracelets right off her wrist! We also depend on Susan to "primp" our displays as she has a great eye for color and placement. Millie is our rock solid administrator who handles all our wholesale purchases and keeps our accounting straight. She's brainy that way! Cindy is our finance and business guru who we tease as "Cha-ching" Cindy. This strategic planning expert has many great ideas for the future. I help out with internet related stuff including our domain registration and our blog.

The blog was our temporary website for quite a while - a stop gap measure to address our local clientele's queries about where our shop was and please could we see more jewelry? In the last month or so, Tamara who has been selling jewelry for a number of years on her own site, Frejya's Jewels took the brunt of organising and setting up our very own website.

Some of you may have already noticed the link at the top of my homepage. Do check it out! We shall be uploading regularly.

The website arrived in time for our first anniversary celebration where we held a home show at Susan's lovely house. As you can see we set up our jewelry displays on any available table! Know what? Each time we do this, our set-up and take-down times are getting shorter and shorter! So what's next for the Bead Sisterhood? More home shows and plotting for the fall craft shows. As they say, watch this space!
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