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There is luxury jewelry and then there is insane luxury jewelry. This $4.5 million diamond and emerald studded titanium tiara was actually created for a dog.

Thai jewelry designer, Riwin Jirapolsek was not content to shower his much loved 15 year old Maltese pooch with all sorts of cute pet accessories. He actually used the 250 carats of gems he inherited from his mother! Needless to say, the tiara is not for sale but it recently got an airing down the runway of a Bangkok dog show. The designer plans to make a bejeweled hair clip next because the dog's fur blocks its view.

If only dogs could talk, especially this male dog. The indignity of it all!


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  1. Me thinks that pup doesn't look too happy. What was that man thinking???

  2. At one time, I might have thought -are you crazy? But I'm a pet lover too and I guess if I had the money? Maybe...well, maybe I'd donate it to those animals less fortunate. Although I will say, I have an aunt-in-law who just recently got a new toy dog and I offered to design a beaded doggie collar necklace of sorts and her husband stated, 'absolutely not' -my dog is going to wear a diamond necklace ONLY. And he was serious! :-)


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