Yvonne used two different blue gemstones for her necklace and earrings set which do go together. The large rectangular pendant is a blue quartz. The black flecks inspired her to use the long cigar shaped black glass beads. Other turquoise colored glass beads punctuated her creation.

The earrings were made from large round azurite gemstone beads. Azurite is a strikingly colored mineral formed from the weathering of copper ores. It is also called chessylite because some spectacular speciments were found in Chessy-les-Mines, Lyon, France. The beautiful deep blue is reminiscent of desert skies and the word azure comes from the Arabic for blue.

Azurite is related to malachite, a vibrant green gemstone because further weathering of azurite results in malachite. Both are therefore often found in the same place. Azurite, malachite and lapis lazuli, another blue gemstone, have been used for centuries, not only as gemstones but as paint pigments, especially by medieval painters.

Beader design #: 509

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