Chain maille is a lot of fun once you get going. However, the beginning is the biggest hurdle. So here is the Full Persian tutorial to learn how to make some great jewelry. All you need are two wire ties besides your tools and rings.

I really do not recommend learning chain maille with small rings. That would discourage most people unless you're into masochism. For the 6 in 1 Full Persian chain mail tutorial, I used 18G 1/4" rings and a gay abandon regarding the closing of rings. I'm into instruction here, less so the finesse. I also used two different metals because it's pretty and secondly, it makes it clearer.

I've written the tutorial and illustrated it with still photos below. But this is one weave which is best seen on a video so I've also included my very first video tutorial which I uploaded to Youtube a few days ago. If you like it, please rate it! Was it difficult to do a video? Let's just say I have a whole new respect for actors and retakes!

1. Start with 2 silver (actually bright aluminium here) rings linked to 2 bronze ones. Add twist ties as shown.
2. Take the right twist tie and move it to the left. Hold both twist ties with the left hand. Now open up the bronze rings in a vee.

3. Add 2 more bronze rings within the vee. They should capture both the 2 silver rings.
4. With a pre-opened silver ring, hook through the first pair of bronze and then through the second pair.

5. Bottom left shows the postion of the third ring you just added. Bottom right shows the work turned over so this ring is now at the bottom.

6. Repeat Step 4. Once you have closed this ring, open up the vee of the second pair of bronze rings so you can add the third pair as shown on the bottom right picture. Open up the vee and repeat from Step 3.

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