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Best Tutorial Links for Bead or Pearl Knotting using 3 Different Tools

Knotting between beads not only gives artisans an attractive design element but also prevents damage due to friction between delicate beads especially if they are pearls.

Knotted necklaces also have an additional advantage - if the string breaks, you don't lose the beads everywhere.

The following are the three best video tutorials which shows you how to knot using different tools.

1. The first is quite easy using long tweezers. This video is by Sarah from For a website tutorial, check out Tammy Powley's Bead Knotting tutorial which uses a long pin.

2. Now some of you may not own a pair of tweezers like the first instructor but you must own round nose pliers! So this video tutorial is definitely up your street!Kate Drew Wilkinson makes it look so easy. Her video also shows how she finished the ends using bead tips. The nylon cord ends are fused with a lighter flame.

3. For a truly professional finish, nothing beats the tri-cord knotter gadget. This excellent video from RioGrande shows you not only how to use the gadget but also how to finish the ends off beautifully. There is no need to fuse the nylon with the flame in their method.

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  1. I actually purchases a special tool for knotting pearls sometime ago as I wanted to give it a try but so far I haven't gotten around to it!


  2. When I did a knotted necklace these videos would have come in handy. Instead, I learned for the very first time working on a custom necklace for a customer -from written instructions I found on the web. Didn't do too bad, only had to re-do it once. And loved the result! Thanks for the vid links Pearl!

  3. It's my pleasure to share what I find. The knotting tool is on my wish list so this post is actually my own notes on how to do the knotting when I finally get my hands on it!

  4. Such a lovely lady Kate is! I like a her way, so basic and no extra tool needed. I wonder how knotting with double thread would be. I couldn;t find a vid tutorial.

  5. Another wonderful and informative tutorial post.
    My sister loves to do pearl knotting, says she finds it relaxing. I guess I would find it more relaxing also if I didn't have to undo knots that went wayward and ended up far short of the pearl or bead. Unpicking knots is not relaxing!
    I've also had my eye on one of those tri-cord knotters, it's somewhere on my mile long wish list. :)

    Pearl, have you ever tried Chinese pearl knotting? You're only supposed to use your fingers and no tools are necessary. Saw it done once and never could duplicate the method.

  6. No, I haven't tried Chinese pearl knotting. It does require A LOT of practice to do it. Thanks for the blog post idea though!

  7. I've used an awl to pull the knots up close to the pearls. It worked really well.

  8. That's a great tip, Marilyn! Thanks for sharing. Many of us have awls so they are handy.


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