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There is something about long skinny earrings which appeal to many people. Perhaps there may even be a trend for them this year. Both Jillian and Tammy went for the stiletto style but each made their earrings very differently from the other.

Jillian's on the left was just a simple bare wire with seed and brick shaped beads. Whereas Tammy experimented with curved silver tubes which gave her earrings a quirky bent look. She added more beads - some at the top and matching black and clear crackle beads at the bottom. Diamond shaped dangles completed the look.

Beader Designs # :530-531

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  1. Those are very pretty but I must have a short neck because they drive me nuts when I wear something like that. Nice to see on others though.

  2. Very nice...I made a long pair of spiral earrings yesterday...I wore them all day today and didn't even know I had them on!
    Which is surprising because like Bev I usually don't like them on me...

  3. Both Jillian and Tammy's designs are pretty. I think many people are drawn to the simplicity of the stiletto, it's not overly ornate.
    Some people do have shorter necks and find the extra length an annoyance so the secret is to find the proper length. True a 1.5 inch dangle may not look as elegant as a 3 or 4 inch but it can still be quite attractive.


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