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New ways with chain

Actually body chain jewelry is not new - see my past post on an archaelogical find, the Hoxne Hoard . But one artisan who has really becoming known as a stellar body chain designer is Bliss Lau. I first featured her in my past post on Clothes with Built-in Jewelry which showcased her Diamond Dress inspired by the cables on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Shown on the left is her LoveTriangle Dress. It reminds me of the body chain from the Hoxne Hoard.

Bliss Lau is half Chinese and half Irish. She was raised in Hawaii and educated in New York city. She has a degree in apparel design and actually started out with handbags before changing over to her distinctive style of body jewelry.

Her talent comes from her ability to design in 3-D and to deploy traditional garment draping techniques so she can "reshape and enhance the most beautiful and forgotten parts of the body." Her inspiration comes from history, the study of Hawaiian culture, corsets, armor and as I mentioned, even the Brooklyn Bridge. Certainly "her approach to design and accessories without boundaries" is highly commendable and inspirational. Too often artisans restrict their own creativity because they are too rigid in how they approach design.

Here are my favourites. Her Diamond Top (different from her Diamond Dress) for women can be worn in three different ways.

Her Torrent for men shows at least four different ways to wear it.

You can purchase her designs on through her website and at specialty retailers in the US and Japan.


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