Michael Jackson 1958-2009

The media storm that followed the King of Pop's demise last month has been intense and unremitting. The many tributes from his fans include Michael Jackson jewelry. But did you know they are going to create diamonds from his hair?

The Australian news agency just reported that LifeGems, a company which offers lab manufactured diamonds from hair or from ashes after cremation plans to make a limited edition series of Michael Jackson diamonds. The company has unique technology which replicates what Mother Nature does to basic carbon and turns it into high quality gemstones in a fraction of the time.

Dean Van den Biesen, the founder of LifeGems said probably 10 diamonds will be created from hair Jackson burned during the filming of a Pepsi commercial back in 1984. Update - a former friend of Jackson who threw his jacket over Jackson's head during that incident, saved the hair and later auctioned it. No sale price has been set but given Michael Jackson's iconic fame it is likely going to be more than the $200,000 paid in 2007 for one of the diamonds Life Gems created from Beethoven's hair.

It's too early to say what the company will do with the Michael Jackson diamonds. However the company has started a program called Celebrity LifeGems where interested celebrities (and there have been a number) offer their hair to be made into diamonds which are then auctioned to benefit their favorite charities. The Beethoven LifeGems are being auctioned to raise money to create memorial diamonds of loved ones for those who can't afford it and for military families.

Shown below are some of the lovely jewelry made with LifeGem diamonds.

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