When Lynda asked if she could do some hair comb jewelry at a past workshop, Debbie thought she meant wiring hair combs. But no, Lynda wanted to do a custom double hair comb set similar to what she had seen on a tv ad.

Well, that still drew blank looks from Debbie and I. We have since learned the product she saw is called EZ comb. This Youtube video of the actual commercial shows the product and how it works. The combs are attached with beaded elastic. Basically you insert the comb on one side and then secure the other side.

It's a wonderful look for when you want to dress up. It also works on days when you just want to get your hair out of your face. It's an alternative to head bands, clips and the good old pony tail style.

Lynda wanted it bigger with beads of her own choosing so she set out to design her very own version. As you can see above, the elastic threads are still faintly visible as they hadn't been trimmed yet. Debbie and Lynda were waiting for the glue on the knots to dry when I took this picture.

Don't you think a similar design in white and creams will look just lovely on any bride who is not into veils?

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