Milanese photographer Paco Serinelli's "Vicky Vicious 2008" photo shoot shows a model made up with tiny gemstones as eye shadow highlighter. It makes for an over the top look but if you like to vamp out, this is surely the way.

The placement of gemstones reminded me of pave jewelry where small diamonds are set closely so no metal shows. The word pave is French for pavement because the resulting surface looks like it's been paved with gemstones. This technique is time-consuming because many tapered holes have to be drilled into the metal. The gemstones are then secured with the tiny beads which form in the surrounding metal.

You can certainly try an easier technique with Ferido's specialty resin glue and findings from Fire Mountain Gems.
Just glue on tiny foiled flat backed crystals such as the Swarovski Xilion Chatons or mini gemstone chips in whatever color patterns you desire. The findings such as rings come with built in channels and "orange peel" textures for greater adhesion. 

The resin clay like material can be shaped during processing to form say the surrounding frame of a cabochon or allow you to embed crystals in them before drying. The product comes in many colors for all kinds of design possibilites. For full instructions and inspirational designs, check the Ferido website.

You might also like to check out Apoxie® Sculpt, a non-toxic moldable 2 part epoxy resin adhesive from Aves Products. It is also available from Fire Moutain Gems.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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