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Remember the antique bronze pendant I got from last time? It was really lovely but too pricey for most of us. So for this latest blogging partner post, I picked more affordable items from their lovely limited edition pendants section. They also have other jewelry supplies. I was not the only one who appreciated these quality items as they have been selling like hot cakes whilst I was on vacation.

The textured copper and silver pendants were simply stunning. I thought coiled wire beads for a contemporary style necklace suited these large focals. As you can see from the photo below, they aren't dainty and thus require bold designs. I used copper wire with some dark bronze faceted beads and large round copper beads for accents hence it is my "Ode to Copper". All the coiling was done by hand on two different mandrel sizes. I also coiled wire bearing seed beads.

Chain maille could also be used with the silver ones but I think I will do more coiled wire designs with them.

I also picked out some really good pendants in shapes I particularly like, a malachite jasper on the left and a white turquoise jasper.

I actually had a lot of trouble trying to photograph the two labradorite pendants because they were so well polished I kept getting the reflection of my window. The flashes of blue weren't as extensive as my labradorite pendant I wrote about before. However, I really like how one of them is framed in black jasper which is most unusual. I am still dithering if I should team up black lava beads with this pendant. It's a fun kind of dithering!

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  1. Gorgeous work! I love Artbeads, their products rock. Looks like you scored some inspiring pendants. Great post.
    Sue W. (in Whitby, ON)

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  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. They really made my day.

  6. Love the pendents and your coiling is wonderful! So uniform and perfect!

  7. Love what you've done with the pendant Pearl...your coiling is amazing...I've not do a great deal of coiling...I always for get about it until I see something like this!!

    The other pendants are great as well. I look forward to seeing what you do with them...don't you love labradorite...I made myself a bracelet with tons of dangling of my favorites, with the wonderful flashes of color!

  8. After such wonderful comments, perhaps I should write a tutorial on how to coil wire?


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