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Probably the most useful thing about the internet is how it helps you find out all sorts of information quickly from the comfort of your own home. Google by far is the most popular search engine these days. One of the key reasons for this company's success is that they basically index or copy pretty well the entire web so that every time someone searches, their software can deliver millions of relevant results very quickly. For example when I type "eye pin", Google gave me over 4 million results in 0.12 seconds! A mix of images, tutorials (even mine!)and suppliers turns up.

But there are others like Safari for Apple users. Microsoft has recently come out with Bing, their answer to Google. Below is the search results for "eye pin" which numbered over 20 million. Rather a lot but as you can see but quite a few were not useful - Amazon books containing the key phrase "eye pin" or the one about premium glass bird eyes? I think not!

So clearly a specialist search engine will deliver more focused results. Won't it be neat if we jewelry artisans had our own dedicated search engine? Remarkably, we now do thanks to Trent Colwell who operates, a new start-up.Like most search engines, it is free to use. What's different about this search engine is it is "human-powered". Everything that is indexed has been manually checked ie personally visited and verified by him. So only "on-topic, current and useful" sites are included.

As you can see from the trial search term I used, "eye pin" turned up relevant sites. Trent uses Google Custom Search to really narrow down the results.

The search engine is categorised so if you selected "eye pin" and "beads and beading sites" as shown below, you will find the tutorial post I wrote about eye pin rings there because that's where Trent categorised my site. In comparison, the general Google search places the same tutorial on the first page of the results.

Try it. I certainly will. I do use different search engines sometimes to find the delectable morsels to feed my blog and for you to sample.

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