I came across Tweet Volume and found it an interesting free service whose software uses data from Twitter and Google. It's a way of comparing anything you choose and find out how popular the topic is based on how much it is being twittered. Being very curious, I tried it out.

The first experiment was to compare the relative twitterings or how often the search term comes up for 5 craft/jewelry selling sites - Etsy, Arfire, Dwanda, Ruby Lane and 1000markets.

I checked out the sites on weekend evening as well as on a weekday evening (shown above). The results were the same - Etsy artisans and their fans were by a huge margin the most active. This doesn't necessarily mean Etsy is bigger than the others but that the artisans there are very tech savy indeed or Twitter addicts! You may wish to read this blog's post "How Etsy uses Twitter". As one commenter there said, "Business is all about communication - and Twitter is a great communication tool."

Twitter though, as I pointed out before, has to be used well as most tweets fall into the pointless babble category. About 40% of tweets were found to be of the "I am eating my lunch" category.

Moving on to experiment two, I used Tweet Volume to check out which type of jewelry piece was twittered most amongst necklaces, earrings, bracelet, anklet and brooch (pin was not specific enough and neither is ring). As you can see below, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are twittered most which indicates their relative popularity. Food for thought.

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