The overuse of antibiotics have raised several strains of bacteria resistant to them. Hospitals are constantly fighting a huge battle against these nasty bugs. Now researchers have discovered that cinnamon oil does kill bacteria. Its powerful property so impressed them that they are recommending a 10% cinnamon oil solution be used as an alternative to several different kinds of antiseptics used in hospitals.

One paediatrician, Dr Lawrence Rosen who writes a natural health advice blog has even recommended a homemade recipe (based on a medieval one) for a hand sanitizer using cinnamon bark, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus oils.

What has this got to do with jewelry? Thieves' oil is a medieval recipe from the time of the Black Plague. Historical records show that the concoction was used by thieves. They rubbed it on their hands, ears and temples to protect themselves from infections while they stole jewelry from dead and dying plague victims. Ewww...

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