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I came across this nifty product recently on a blog. It is a silicone product called Cushion Solution which is designed to make wearing rings and clip-on earrings more comfortable. There is one added advantage - you can use it to reduce the ring size very easily.

Basically you apply it and let it sit for about 24 hours. If the ring is still too big, reapply another layer. The good thing is you can peel it off when you no longer need it.

Even if a ring fits fine, the cushion solution will also stop the ring from twisting around - you know where the stone has wandered off to the side?

I must say this is impressive for just $8.99. Why spend money at a jeweler's when you can do it yourself?
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  1. Wow, that is impressive! Another one of those nifty that "glue" stuff you use as a bandaid. Weird, but hey, if it works!

  2. Nice thing to know about. I like the no slip part for your rings. For over 50 years, I've put up with my engagement ring turning around. Probably not know how to act if I didn't have to fuss with it.

  3. That's awesome! How many times could I have used that?!... Come to think of it, it would probably have saved my buying TWO of a couple of special rings I've bought my daughter... Both ended up being the reason for her arrival home in tears over losing them (luckily I was able to get another in both cases... though one was custom-made). Not too late to 'save' the replacements, though... so better go get some of that! Keep the fantastic ideas and inspirations, etc. coming Pearls! I swear, you never "miss"! ... Tamara

  4. Interesting product...will check it out!!


  5. Hmmm. Something I'm wearing being too big is rarely a problem these days unfortunately.

  6. I quite agree with you Bette Jo - my rings need enlarging not reducing!

  7. I bought this product for my husband and he LOVES it. Works great, lasts long and does not harm your jewerly.


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