I must confess that when Michelle offered tools for a giveaway, I wasn't sure it would go over as well as pretty beads. Just in case I even took the trouble to write a tutorial on how to use a 3-step wire looping pliers as there wasn't anything helpful on the internet.

Was I ever wrong! Not everyone likes lamp work, polymer beads or what have you. But everyone needs tools! Many commentators reported broken tools, cheap tools or just plain tool lust especially after the tutorial. The Bead Gypsy is right - "one can never have too many tools"!

The tool lusters hailed from many places including Mexico and Brazil. I must say Google Translate does a reasonable job. Maria Bonita wrote in Portuguese from Brazil - "A big kiss to you and hope I win, but even if I do not win, your blog fills me with the eyes of so many good things ....Kisses Evie, she's beautiful." What do actors say about performing with children and animals?

Rhonda also made me laugh with her "Oh gee- thanks alot. Now I have ANOTHER addiction rearing it's ugly head. I thought I had gotten the beading bug out of my system but then I saw these tools and the tutorial and, well it's like setting a bottle of tequila and a lime in front of an alcoholic." (note to self: add blog disclaimer about non-responsibility for acquired addictions).

Larry Bubba Harmon said it well, "He who dies with the most tools wins!". The number random.org picked was 68 and the 68th commenter and thus lucky winner of this giveaway is JaMean!  Congratulations! Please email me  (beadinggem [at] yahoo dot ca ) asap with your particulars.

Thank you all for taking the time to delurk and enter this giveaway. Stay tuned for the next one! I also thank all the readers who told me how much they enjoyed my blog. Karen said, "I love your blog and all the good info on beading, wire and so much more that I didn't know I needed to know!" So do subscribe and not miss a post! Check out the how to subscribe help if you need more info.

For tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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