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Faking gemstones
Part 2 of 2
Love jewelry AND chocolates? Here is a decadent gift to enjoy - Chocolatine's Chocouture Diamond Collection (link no longer available). They have a great line on their website -"If diamonds are a girl's best [friend], the CHOCOUTURE diamond collection is a girl's guilty pleasure."

Everything is edible including the handpainted 24K gold leaf gildings here and there on their dark chocolate line. The faux diamonds are cleverly made out of sugar and is the consistency of hard candy.

There are three flavours - the dark chocolate single malt ganache, the white chocolate champagne ganache and what looks like milk chocolate, a Grand Marnier ganache. Beautifully packaged, the chocolates cost $25 for just 4 going up to as much as $105 for 16. Now that is pure decadence!

Chef Rieko Wada, the creator of Chocolatines also has edible shoe and handbag collections "where chocolate meets couture".

Who knew jello was also an art medium? At the Jell-O Mold Competition earlier this year, the grand prize went to Kandice Levero and Julia Greene for their amazing Jell-O Cocktail Trumpery - a set of gemstone pendants dusted with real gold and glitzy enough to please jewelry hounds. The artists said "We created large, blingy cocktail stones of Jello set in colored gum paste settings. We wanted to play off the gelatin's inherent properties such as its translucency and prismatic qualities."

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  1. I'm hungry....

    I once tried to make some fake jell-o gemstones for a fashion photography class project...I used like 3 times the normal amount of grenetin and hand-cut the sure was messy and barely made it to the shoot, but it sure was fun

  2. You and me both, Monica! I bet the jello project was a lot of fun.

  3. Delicious post!! I love diamonds and chocolate -together, pure heaven!

  4. What fun ideas...I clicked over to Chef Rieko's web site and his shoes and bags are amazing...I also love the Signature Collection for weddings...


  5. Well I guess they've come a long way from the candy necklaces I used to eat as a kid!

    Thanks for sharing this Pearl.



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