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Etsy's handmade promotional video finalists

Audiences are moving in droves to the internet and it's no wonder the advertising industry is also making the jump from traditional print media to the web. Video advertising is now hot but ads can range wildly from the banal to slick productions. In a totally different and charming class of their own are the kind of ads only handmade artisans can produce.

Etsy's Handmade Moment competition is now in the final stages where members can vote for their favorite Etsy promotional video from amongst the 10 finalists. Voting ends on October 4. There were 177 entries competing for several prizes with a top award of $3250. The imagination and creativity was amazing. The judges must have had a tough time whittling down the list. You'll have to visit to see the lot but I have chosen just two for this post.

Here is one from a jewelry artisan who did not make the top ten but it was a neat 30 second demo of how a metal clay pendant is designed, made, sold and worn.

My favorite is A Robot Gets Its Wings - a well made ad featuring a sad looking robot man having to churn out mass produced items. Here is a transcript of the brilliantly crafted words spoken by an artist called Crankbunny (Norma Toraya) who made this ad:

"See, there's a lot of robots out there. A lot of these robots are sad, because they're stuck making these boring, mass-produced things. It's the shackles of robotic slavery. I really can believe all that great stuff about how it helps the environment and microeconomics and feeling special about getting something handmade by someone else, but the real reason I make handmade goods is because every time somebody buys something handmade, a robot gets its wings."


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  1. Wow...the video to make the Etsy pendant makes metal clay look very easy to do??? Never tried it but it looks as though it might be fun!!!

    The Robot Gets Its Wings video was great...very well done!

  2. Those were great imaginative videos. Amazing actually. Off to look at the others.

  3. I've heard of the video being the latest and greatest marketing tool. These videos are pretty fantastic, thanks for sharing!


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