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Winning at the recent Fall Business Women's Online Expo

Winning comments Part 1 of 2
Well, well, well. I had a lot of fun last Sunday visiting virtually all the shops participating in the online expo, sprinkling comments as I went along to show my support. I never expected to win anything but I did, not once but twice.

See this intriguing picture? That was the "what is it" puzzle set by Jael Custom Designs as a prerequisite for her giveaway entry. The contest was open only to US residents but I left a comment anyway as I
managed to identify it as a cashew (thank you Google Images!). Jen, the graphic designer who has an Artfire store called Jael Customs Designs generously awarded myself and another person bonus prizes for guessing correctly. My prize? A custom made photo greeting card design! Thanks Jen!

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  1. Congratulations Pearl...I would never have guessed what that photo was??? Doesn't look like a cashew to me...:0)


  2. Congrats on your win! I can't say I'd have guessed it correctly...was thinking something entirely different. :-)

  3. Very nice! And welcome to the U.S.!


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