Facebook fun
Part 1 of 2
I finally caved and set up The Beading Gem's Facebook page! It's really difficult to dabble with too much social media as there is only so much time. However, Facebook is wildly popular and I wanted to join in the fun.

You can now find me by typing "The Beading Gem" in the Facebook search box or go to the right side bar of my blog.This page will not get the short and sweet Facebook Page URL until I get 25 fans! (Update : I now have a dedicated URL : http://www.facebook.com/TheBeadingGem)

So many of you are such devotees of Facebook. So much so that even whilst I was still setting up the Facebook blog widget last night, two fans popped up!  Thanks Lisa and Beryl! I am already a fan of some of you who also write blogs - if I have missed you, do give me a shout.

What will you see on my FB page? Well, the blog posts will also be posted there so you can easily catch up whilst on FB. But I hope to also share all sorts of information which I can't or won't cover on this blog including more inspirational designs. But most importantly, I would love to hear from YOU. Send a tip, show off your jewelry, share some wonderful links!!

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