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Wire Wrapped Copper Pendant with Long Bugles

This was Sabrina's first proper attempt at wire wrapping at a workshop. As you can see she did a fabulous job with the fine, tight and controlled wire wrapping around the main handmade copper pendant. She put her very own stamp on this design as she used extra long royal blue bugle beads. Her design was accented with tiny red seed beads, heart beads and antiqued copper leaves. You can't get more one of a kind than this!

She also made matching stiletto-style earrings featuring the same beads from the pendant.

Beader design #: 557

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  1. Now this is just so cool! I absolutely love the long bugles and the color combination of the blue with the copper wire, very creative and clever! :)

  2. Sabrina has an inspiring and confident sense of color. I think long bugles are a lot of fun and rather underused in designs.

  3. What a great job Sabrina's done...I agree bugles are under used!!!


  4. That's pretty good wire wrapping for a first timer! I do wire wrapping but have not attempted wire wrapping hoop earrings yet. Yet another thing to eventually get to.... *smiles*


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