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Diagnosis : Bead Addiction!

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A bead addiction is defined as an insatiable need to acquire beads. Sufferers are physically and psychologically dependent on beads. They need to work with and purchase beautiful beads and gemstones on a regular basis and will go into withdrawal if deprived.

What are the causes and symptoms?
Starting a jewelry making hobby is the major cause. Increased blood pressure and heart rates when viewing large quantities of beads. Hyperventilation may also occur in susceptible individuals. Some sufferers are known to emit squeals when near or handling beads at bead shows or stores, but these are generally not linked to pain so analgesics (painkillers) are not necessary. In severe cases, the compulsive behavior may lead to surreptitious behavior like hiding bead purchases as general household expenses.

Standard tests for bead addiction
Size of bead hoard and proportion of house this occupies is proportional to the level of the addiction. Depletion rate of bank account for bead purchases is also another measure. The larger the size of the hoard or the greater the rate of bank account depletion indicates the severity of the condition.

Is bead addition contagious?
Yes, the condition is highly contagious. Individuals at risk often acquire their addiction at bead shops, shows,jewelry parties and workshops- anywhere really where beautiful and irresistible beads are temptingly present along with other beadaholics. Transmission does not depend on physical contact - lurking in beading forums, websites and blogs, reading magazines with beadazzling images will increase the infection risk.

Does bead addiction run in families?
Although there have been no formal studies indicating inheritable traits, there is anecdotal evidence that the condition does run in some families. Risk factors include one or more family members with at least one crafting hobby.

Bead addiction is not a fatal condition although the effects can seriously debilitate bank accounts and strain marital relationships in the long term. One divorce case resulting from a bead addiction was reported in a jewelry forum. The relapse potential is high so a bead addiction, once acquired, is most likely for life.

No known cure. House confinement, cutting up credit cards, canceling magazine subscriptions and internet service may provide temporary relief but are generally impractical. The best approach with bead addicts is for them to pace bead acquisitions to a manageable level.

Resistance is futile. Really.
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  1. Seriously on the divorce? Oh my! Thankfully, my addiction is under control - I am constantly medicated with chocolate :)

  2. Oh Oh....I think i've got it....

  3. LOL...sounds as though you interviewed me for this post!!! :0)

    Like Clair I medicate with chocolate...although jelly beans have been known to be used at time!


  4. What a great post to read while I enjoy my final cup of java this Friday morning...My husband doesn't have a problem with my bead addiction but he is a little jealous of my blogging buddies!

  5. LOL! Thank you for putting a name to my condition :)

  6. I admit it! I'm an addict! Thanks for the great post!

  7. I got it! My husband's situation according to him is 'bead widower'. All the symptoms are so true, you should see my bead room! No kids, but two dogs keep my husband company while I bead. My temporary new mantra 'I got to stop buying new beads till I use the ones I got'. Did I tell you I ordered some two nights ago from Green Girl Studio? Bead on!

  8. Yes, the divorce story was true. There was a happy ending though. Her new partner is very supportive.

    I'll remember that line Clair said about self-medicating the next time I raid my M&M supplies!

    Regina, it's so hard to stay on that resolve of not buying any more new beads until you use up the ones you've got. It never works for me!

  9. been passing this around all day, great laughs had by all, thanks Pearl - peace

  10. Thanks Ruralrose. I'm glad all enjoyed the humor!

  11. Well, at least now I can excuse my problem as having a medical condition. But still, I'm an addict and refuse to seek help. And I'm sure it's about to get worse since I finally got a job and now have more money to buy beads. I think I'm in trouble.

  12. For those of us who sell jewelry, we sometimes forget the object of a business is to MAKE money not spend it all on beads!

  13. oh dear, is that really supposed to be the objective? Better get to re-writing my business plan...

  14. This condition can only be truly diagnosed by Husbands and close family and friends. Very soon after diagnoses, interventionss have been performed....all to no avail.

  15. Hi my name is Stephanie and I AM a bead addict! What's the 12-step program for this?

  16. Yes, I'm an addict, but luckily my husband is very supportive. :)

  17. LOL
    Awesome post!
    Thank you for diagnosing me! Fortunately, my husband is quite happy with it, as long as I keep the spending money under control. He's always mildly to very interested in what I'm creating and I do try to engage him as often as I can!

    Off to share this on FB! Thanks, Pearl!

    Cristina, from Sunshine's Creations

  18. judith from IsraelJanuary 3, 2011 at 9:38 AM

    Thanks, I loved the post. Now I understand that newsletters like yours are like a support group for all us addicts out there.
    I'd like to hear more about addicts like myself who can't part with what they create, although nudged to sell. By the way my favorite shopping places for beads are flea markets, where I buy beautiful necklaces to take apart (or not). I bought loads in Amsterdam,and Budapest, and more regularly in Jaffa, Israel

  19. Great post, I'm still chuckling as I type this. I've known for some time now that I have a serious bead addiction but so far can not find a 12 step program like AA to lend me support. Thank goodness for sites like yours and my other blogging and beading buddies.

  20. Me i have it sadly from a very young age. sympathy for me! Xxxx

  21. If I feel the intense need to go out and BUY I find creating a beautiful piece or two helps kill the craving.... until a more sensible time to shop comes along at least!!

  22. Did anyone else notice that the drs stethoscope is lacking beads or bejewelment of any kind......

  23. You're too funny Chrisse! Beaders do pretty well bead everything in sight if they could!

  24. I knew it! I'm sick and it has a name! I've officially been diagnosed with this disease. Hi, I'm Terri and I'm a person with "Bead Addiction"! and I hope you will join me. lol

  25. LOL! I don't think many of us would be enrolled in a program, if one existed, to be cured of our bead addiction!

  26. Help! I've started selling my stuff on the street to fund my addiction. Ha! Ha! Reallly I've got my husband to enable me-I tell him it's a "business investment" and I conned him into giving me a bead allowance.

  27. Carrie - I think many of us can relate to that!

  28. I'm sure I have it too.

  29. I'm sure I have the condition too. But my stash is in two countries. I keep one stash at my home in Canada and the other at my home in Florida. I am constantly trying to duplicate what I have in both places because it is not practical to bring much back and forth. My husband is still waiting to see a significant financial return on his/my investment.
    As for using up what I have before I buy more, well that never works well because I never seem to have the right beads in the right location for the project I am currently working on. Of course, the only solution is to buy more beads.

  30. OMG, I have this addiction! I have what used to be the master bedroom full of crafting supplies! I even sleep in a recliner in my craft room! No I'm not totally crazy. We are in the process of moving and putting most of our stuff in storage. I refuse to pack away my craft stuff, especially my beads. We will be living in our RV until we get some sort of a home built. Maybe a tiny home! I told my husband that we need to get a pull behind trailer for my beads! We will have to have 2 tiny homes. One will be for my craft stuff, the larger of the two places! I got injured and subsequently lost my job. We have been making two house payments, one of which is for a home that burned to the ground, and can no longer afford to do this as all of my savings are gone. It is a sell it or lose it deals. At least we have an RV. Some are not as fortunate! Beading has kept me sane! I love it but wish I had money for more beads!