A bead addiction is defined as an insatiable need to acquire beads. Sufferers are physically and psychologically dependent on beads. They need to work with and purchase beautiful beads and gemstones on a regular basis and will go into withdrawal if deprived.

What are the causes and symptoms?
Starting a jewelry making hobby is the major cause. Increased blood pressure and heart rates when viewing large quantities of beads. Hyperventilation may also occur in susceptible individuals. Some sufferers are known to emit squeals when near or handling beads at bead shows or stores, but these are generally not linked to pain so analgesics (painkillers) are not necessary. In severe cases, the compulsive behavior may lead to surreptitious behavior like hiding bead purchases as general household expenses.

Standard tests for bead addiction
Size of bead hoard and proportion of house this occupies is proportional to the level of the addiction. Depletion rate of bank account for bead purchases is also another measure. The larger the size of the hoard or the greater the rate of bank account depletion indicates the severity of the condition.

Is bead addition contagious?
Yes, the condition is highly contagious. Individuals at risk often acquire their addiction at bead shops, shows,jewelry parties and workshops- anywhere really where beautiful and irresistible beads are temptingly present along with other beadaholics. Transmission does not depend on physical contact - lurking in beading forums, websites and blogs, reading magazines with beadazzling images will increase the infection risk.

Does bead addiction run in families?
Although there have been no formal studies indicating inheritable traits, there is anecdotal evidence that the condition does run in some families. Risk factors include one or more family members with at least one crafting hobby.

Bead addiction is not a fatal condition although the effects can seriously debilitate bank accounts and strain marital relationships in the long term. One divorce case resulting from a bead addiction was reported in a jewelry forum. The relapse potential is high so a bead addiction, once acquired, is most likely for life.

No known cure. House confinement, cutting up credit cards, canceling magazine subscriptions and internet service may provide temporary relief but are generally impractical. The best approach with bead addicts is for them to pace bead acquisitions to a manageable level.

Resistance is futile. Really.
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