Double holed Inspirations Part 2 of 2
Double holed crystal slider beads are usually used for bracelets. However many beginner beaders like them and have wanted them for earrings. We've always encouraged them to go for it. Shown here is Terri's solution to the double holed beads. Terri added two bugle beads side by side below the sliders using head pins. Her earring findings were slightly shiny black metal which suited the slider beads.

Below are my own designs where I had fun coming up with different ways of using double holed beads for earrings. The red chandeliers were created with U-shaped wires going up the sliders from below. The little loops at the bottom were where I could hang the dangles.

For the blue ones below, I made double eye pins for the sliders hanging the dangles below and adding chains above. Go on, play with your beads and findings! I'm sure you will be able to come up with even more variations.

Beader Designs #: 558-560

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