Soldered Pendants
I've always admired the soldered glass pendants I've seen or the broken pottery ones and want to learn how to do it. So I went searching on the internet for some cool tutorials to learn more. Some of the following links overlap in information like how to score the glass, apply flux and solder. But each artisan has their own approach and include their own tips and tricks.

Shown above is Tammy Powley of About com: Jewelry making Geometric Glass Pendant tutorial. I love how she angled the pendant to be different! She's also written a must read article on how to solder jewelry  which covers the tools and equipment you need. She includes pictures of a soldering set up, her pickle pot and how she uses a torch to solder.

Liquid flux is used to clean the metal and to help glue or bond the solder (use lead free versions) to the copper strip. If you use soft silver solder (mostly tin) which melts at low temperatures, then you can use a solder iron rather than a torch.

Graceful Designs has a thorough tutorial on how to make soldered glass pendant, sharing many tips. She starts off with microscope slides which saves you from having to deal with larger pieces of glass. Or you could purchase precut glass pieces with smoothed or fire-polished edges

Julia Reich on the Lapidary Journal has a well illustrated tutorial (Update : link no longer available) for these pretty earrings. Remember the art paper can come from any source - magazines, origami paper or even your own creations.

Barb Macy on the Accent Yourself Handcrafted Jewelry blog wrote a long tutorial on the silversmith technique of making a bezel set sea glass pendant (Update : link no longer available). If you are wondering about taking up silver smithing, this is an excellent tutorial to have a peek to see what's involved. The picture here shows the pendant on its side to reveal the underside.

Sunrise Lake Arts has a really cool tutorial on how to make a soldered shadowbox pendant (Update : link no longer available). As the name implies, you'll be able to place 3-D items inside the pendant.

Non-Soldered Glass Pendants
If the idea of soldering just doesn't cut it with you but you still like the look of sandwiched glass pendants, you could always bead around ala cabochon like Crimson Moon did with hers.Check out Vibrant Jewel's beaded cabochon tutorial for some pointers.

Another option is to purchase pre-made memory frames like Altered Beauty did for her tutorial. She used artwork from Paper Street on Etsy. Via

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