Here is a great idea from Debbie (my friend and co-instructor). If you are making beaded zipper pulls, backpack or cell phone charms for the younger set, incorporate UV sensitive beads in the design! Shown here is her design for a friend's child. The zipper extension makes it easier for a small child to grasp.

Solar beads or ultra-violet beads contain photochromatic dyes which means they change color when exposed to sunlight. As you can see from the photos, the beads are basically white indoors but outside, they quickly become colored. It's a good thing for children to have as not only do they think it's cool, they may even be prompted to apply sunscreen or come indoors if it is too bright.

If you are thinking of adding some charms into Christmas stockings, check out various science educational sites on the internet like this one for UV beads.

Beader design #: 564

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