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How to Ream Pearls Without a Reamer

Have you ever noticed how small the holes are in drilled pearls?  It must be because many people use needle and thread for knotting pearls. I recently wanted to wire some lovely pearls with embedded Swarovski crystals using 22G wire which I thought was fine enough for a pendant. I had great difficulty passing it through the pearls. I was about to call Debbie who I knew had a fine pearl reamer set when I had an idea.

I took a length of (finer) 26 G wire and deliberately trimmed the end at an angle to get a point. I used that to scrap the insides of the pearls using a sawing motion to enlarge the holes and it worked! Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

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  1. This method works most of the time, especially if you just have to enlarge the hole just a little. But bead reamers are so fast, a few seconds vs. a few minutes... if you use pearls often and find the holes are too small for your usual wire, the time savings of having your own reamers is worth it.

  2. I agree with you, Diana. This was just a makeshift method for those who don't use pearls a lot. I will invest in a pearl reamer.

  3. Neat idea. A customer had trouble with one of our tiny bean products not having large enough holes, I wish I had thought of this as a suggestion for her. I might just link anyone else who buys them to this post from now on!


  4. I never would have thought of trying that! Great in a pinch, thanks Pearl!

  5. Great idea...thanks for sharing...I've also had problems with pearls on occasion!!!


  6. Great idea! I use a reamer but will definatley give this a try next time. Thanks for the tip!


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