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 Maybe I have been naughty but Santa didn't bring me an iPhone. But somebody did get a luxury iPhone 3GS Supreme. It's the world's most expensive iPhone (until somebody betters this) at $3,164,000. 

The designer, British based, Stuart Hughes took 10 months to create this for an anonymous Australian businessman involved in the gold mining industry. 271 grams of 22 K solid gold went into the casing. 136
flawless diamonds (68 carats) border the front. The front navigation button is actually a rare single cut diamond at 7.1 carats. More diamonds adorn the rear gold logo.

Even more excessive is the case - a 7 kg (nearly 15 lbs) behemoth made from a single block of Kashmir gold granite lined with fine leather.

Well, if you can't afford the mega dollar version, you could always customize a case yourself. Ernarae, a reader on the Geeksugar blog, used a mixture of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones to bling out her case. It took her 3 hours to make it and she had to patiently wait until the next day before she could put it on her iPhone. It was worth the wait and it didn't cost her $3 million either!


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  1. So far my phone has stayed just that, a phone. No bling for me. But I understand the urge to personalize things. I would definitely go for the - ahem - less expensive method!

  2. WOW! Now THAT is an expensive phone! Can't say I'd be comfortable using it -or carrying it around. My husband and I just finally decided to enter the 21st century with a nice contract cell phone (we've had pay as you go for a while now). But I wanted a better phone -to get that you had to do contract. But I do love my new phone. Although no bling for me-I like the sleek style it is.


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