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Christmas morning! Tradition decreed naughty children only got lumps of coal in their stockings on Christmas morning. Can you be both naughty and nice? Sure you can if you received the clever lump of coal gift box with a secret jewelry gift inside.

I only found the tutorial a short while ago so I couldn't tell you earlier. But if you want to make boxes just like that for next Christmas then head on over to the Martha Stewart site for the tutorial.

And oh, in case you're wondering if I actually blog all the time, I don't. This post was written a few days ago and automatically published. So if you happen to  read it today, rest assured I am enjoying a peaceful day with my family.  I hope you all are too! Via

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  1. It's good to know that Pearl doesn't work non-stop 24/7. :)

    The incredible Martha has never been known to do anything in a small way. lol The little "lumps of coal" are adorable but I doubt that I would be making them for just everyone on my list (nice or naughty) and it would definitely have to be for someone very special.
    Matter-of-fact I wouldn't mind receiving one myself, especially if it contained those gorgeous diamond stud earrings. (And for the record I have been very, very nice ... well almost).

  2. LOL! No I don't work non-stop. Thank goodness for scheduled posting!

    I'm sure you have been very nice indeed!


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