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My wire wrapped pendant necklace in another Etsy Treasury!!

I'm very new at the selling side of Etsy with only 3 sales so far. I know it's going to be a long road to get noticed and am prepared to be patient. However, I underestimated the supportive Etsy community. I was delighted this morning to get an email or "convo" as Etsians call it from Courtney over at the Courtneymcornett store  who does amazing drawings. She just included my copper and turquoise necklace on her Treasury volume of Undiscovered Etsians.

I like how she subtitled it - "Etsians currently flying under the radar"! At times, it feels like I am flying not just under the radar but bare inches off the ground! But my third sale came today after her treasury went out so maybe I've become a tiny blip on the Etsy radar screen. Thanks again, Courtney for the shout-out!!

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  1. That is one of the wonderful things about Etsy. People help you out and give you a hand up. And look at you - another treasury! Way to go!

  2. Did you know this treasury also made Etsy's front page?? Was news to me too! Congrats!


  3. Nope, I did not know that. Thanks for telling me!! What a thrill.


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