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Beaded Wire Wrapped Flatware Inspirations

Have you come across wire wrapped flatware?  It's a great way to customize all kinds of flatware with wire and beads to make them unique.

If you have no idea what I mean, then check out these awesome designs! They sure add pizazz to utilitarian cutlery. But there is a small price to pay - you are best off carefully wiping clean or hand washing them. The dish washer is not recommended!

My favorite is this dessert spoon set from shown on the right. Simple but elegant.

All kinds of flatware can be used. Check out Occasionware on Etsy who has some lovely designs. Shown here is her cake or pie server which is available in different colors.

The Artful Diner decorates cutlery such as this Hyacinth Macaw spreader/cheese knife. I like how she took her inspiration from nature.

This Late Autumn salad serving set by Amanda van de Hyeluniak makes use of just the right seed beads to remind you of the season.

I wouldn't have thought of it but beaded chopsticks (or hair sticks) are also available as you can see from this lovely pair by Beadz2Pleaz. Her beaded wooden sets are wonderful as she does very even work indeed.

Tilemebeautiful on Artfire's funky salad spoon design even sports a charm!

If you're not keen on decorating eating utensils, there are also letter openers to consider. Heck, I might wire wrap the neck of my hammer just for fun!

Wonderful Wire & Bead CraftsBook Resource 
Not keen on wire wrapped flatware?  Check your local lending library for Mickey Baskett's Wonderful Wire & Bead Crafts. The book has all sorts of ideas and projects to bead and wire wrap things like salt and pepper sets, bottles, around drinking glass stems, candle holders as well as jewelry.
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  1. Hi Pearl!!! I know, I know, I've been MIA. But I have been busy with my site and trying to enjoy the sunshine.

    I have seen beaded flatware before and love it! I only wish I hadn't purchased my existing set before I saw the beaded stuff!

  2. Okay, who'd a thunk it? I would ruin them for sure - but as a special occasion - maybe - what the heck! Pretty cool!

  3. Very nice! But too much work washing it by hand. Maybe one salad spoon or cake server for "representative occasions".

  4. Yeah, some special occasion wire wrapped cutlery will certainly show off your wire wrapping skills!

  5. I was thinking the same thing about how their functionality would limit them to special occasions and purposes such as the cake/pie server or a set of salad servers. All are very pretty but for daily use most of use want to be able to toss it in the dishwasher and forget about it. :)
    The beaded, wire wrapped chopsticks however would look terrific in someone's lush, thick bun or chignon.

  6. The wire wrapped chopsticks as hair ornaments is a splendid idea!


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