Making your own jewelry means never having to say you're sorry!  When you get tired of a design or you changed your mind about the choice of clasp, you can easily undo the piece and do a jewelry makeover. That's what Erica did with her two designs here. She had made the bracelets at a previous beading party.

The pale rose quartz faceted tile bracelet is a study in contrast as she teamed the translucent gemstone with the rich gold and red of Chinese cloisonne (see my past post on Cloisonne : The stained glass style of bead making). Her second remade bracelet also features a dyed quartz in deep red. This time her contrasts were clear and black crystals.

My pictures certainly don't do justice to Erica's designs because the light was fading by the time I took these pictures. That's the disadvantage of the time of year when the days are shorter!

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