Ask any one in the ad industry and they will tell you adding babies or small children in commercials or print ads works well. Ask any actor and they will admit it's tough to compete if they have to act with these scene stealers.

"Is that pensive enough for you?"

So after the Jewelry for Women on Men photoshoot post when some readers might have hyperventilated while reading it, the jewelry on babies photoshoot would surely bring out the oohs and aahs as they showcase bling.  I couldn't resist adding the captions.

The photographer is Norwegian born Elizabeth Hoff who has been a fashion photographer for high profile magazines like Glamour, Spanish and Japanese Vogue and Instyle since her late 20's. She switched from marine biology (sea turtle conservation) after her near fatal attempt to be the first woman to row across the Atlantic!  Photography is a lot tamer although taking photos of babies can be challenging in a different way.

"It tickles!!"

"Mum said not to eat those shiny things. She's got cookies over there, see?"

"What do you mean I have to give it back?"

"The things they do to make me smile!"

"Hmm, this sure beats belly button fluff!"


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