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Sunset Mother of Pearl and Copper Cord Necklace

When Sabrina designs jewelry, she invariably goes for something unique. She brought in to one of our workshops, this large mother of pearl disc which had sunset hues. The orange color was the perfect match for the antiqued copper findings she eventually chose. But look what she did with them.

At the bottom of each, she added matching small tube orange dyed mother of pearl tube beads from Debbie's (my friend and co-instructor at workshops) collection. Yes, it is frightening to think how many beads Debbie and I have combined! It's the side pair of copper and tube beads which made this necklace pop. They were wired to the brown cord rather than hung on jump rings. They certainly added to the overall focal area. Spot on Sabrina, for that different touch!

Beader Design #: 595

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  1. That whole piece is gorgeous. I love the color combination and the bead shapes. Good job Sabrina

  2. OK, put on a summerdress and sunglasses and you're ready to go to the beach!

  3. Isn't that beautiful...I love the variation in the color of the pendant!!!


  4. I love this piece! The dangles at the side are great looking. Would make great additions to the ends of those knots on adjustable cords that always look so awkward when cinched up. (If you know what I mean.) Anyway it gives me a neat idea, thanks for sharing this gorgeous necklace!

  5. Glad that Sabrina's design inspired you Cindy!


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