Last week, I wrote about the tutorials for coiling and twisting wire. Here are 4 more ways you can coil wire using different tools. These though are for short wire coils.

Knitting needles
If you are a knitter or ex-knitter like me, the needles come in handy because you have a way of knowing what sizes of wire coils you are making. It takes a little practice though.  Some tips on using needles:

  • Don't use double pointed needles because you need the size indicator as a stop.  
  • Don't use metal needles - too slippery
  • Leave a short end (longer than I have shown here - about an inch or so) sticking out at the beginning to act as a handle as you twist the needle around away from you with your right hand (I am right-handed so lefties please reverse the instructions)
  • Use your left hand to palm the rest of the needle as well as to hold the supply wire steady (picture below)

3 Step Looping pliers
This tool also takes practice to use but you do get 3 sizes of wire coils. Use it also to get consistent loops as well.  Check out the 3 step looping pliers tutorial I wrote a while ago. For new readers, this how-to includes my Youtube video.

Bail forming pliers
One of my all time favorite tools. You are definitely not limited to making coils. Just check out my bailing pliers tutorial and see for yourself!

Round nose pliers
Some artisans also coil around their round nose pliers. It's a quick way to form your own coiled wire cones.

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